Why VMC?

Save Money and Time with VMC
By contracting with VMC, your organization can save precious financial resources without responsibility for overhead, benefits, office space or a longterm commitment to a fulltime employee.  VMC can design and implement all or part of your volunteer program, and then support you in either training existing employees in ongoing management of the program or assist with hiring and training a permanent Volunteer Coordinator for your agency.  VMC can also provide customized professional development for volunteer managers, interim staff support for programs between leadership, and database planning and redesign.

Build Capacity and Add Value to Your Work
Volunteers are tremendous ambassadors for your organization – make sure that your volunteers have a positive experience from their first point of contact!

  • Is your organization looking to engage volunteers but you don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the steps between you and a well-designed system for recruiting, screening, training and managing volunteers?
  • Does your volunteer tracking system need an overhaul?
  • Your volunteers have made a tremendous difference in your work – do you need help planning a thoughtful, creative appreciation event on a tight budget?
  • You started small but now that your agency and volunteer program have grown, do you need help evaluating and improving it?

Volunteer engagement should be a mutually beneficial experience for the volunteers and the agency.  Let Volunteer Management Consulting help you build capacity to engage volunteers in support of your work.

Check out the services we can offer your organization and contact VMC for more information!