Customized Professional Development

Volunteer management is often assigned as a new responsibility to non-profit staff members with specialties in other areas of programming.  For those who are new to volunteer engagement or for experienced volunteer managers in need of focused, customized support for specific challenges, VMC offers coaching, training, and customized professional development in a range of engagements, from half-day or full-day intensive sessions to multiple sessions of training and coaching over many weeks or months. For whatever scope is right for your organization, VMC will provide training, coaching, and technical support, customized based on a pre-training assessment to address your specific needs, complete with follow-up access to the consultant. Training can be provided virtually or onsite at the organization’s facilities. (Travel time and expenses not included for clients outside of the Denver metro area.) The following packages represent a range of options, but other timeframes can also be arranged.

  • $800 for 1/2-day Professional Development and Training (up to 3.5 hours)
  • $1,600 for 1-day Professional Development and Training (up to 7.5 hours – can be spread out over multiple days)
  • $6,000 for 5-day Professional Development and Training (up to 37 hours – can be spread out over multiple days; includes organization work time, document review, coaching, and associated correspondence)

Professional development opportunities such as conferences and workshops often leave employees feeling energized by new ideas, but also overwhelmed at the prospect of putting those ideas into practice upon their return to the office when the daily pressures of non-profit work resume.  Let VMC come to you and provide training that immediately translates into improvements in your program.

Project-Based Contract Work and Interim Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management Consulting will work closely with you to determine a rate that fits your agency’s needs and capabilities.  Ongoing consultation and support is built into the cost of every VMC consulting contract.

Hourly Consulting

Volunteer Management Consulting also offers basic consultation at an hourly rate.

Contact VMC to discuss your program needs, budget, and goals and we will work together to design a contract that works for you.

oProject-based contract work to support all aspects of volunteer engagement
oInterim volunteer management for organizations in transition