I feel that working with Traci has set myself and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mercer County up for such success with our volunteer program. Traci knows what she is doing and what she is talking about. It is so relevant. She addresses what you have been doing, how it can be improved now, and ways to think about improving and growing in the future. I highly recommend her services.”

— Ashley Nwankwo
Director of Volunteer Services
Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County

STEMblazers needed a very tactical approach and detailed process to implement, this was delivered. [VMC was] very pleasant to work with, detailed and great follow through and follow up!”

— Wendy Merchant
Executive Director

My expectations were to go over and receive a “toolkit” for effectively preparing for and managing volunteers, and I 100% received that and more during our session. The overview and documents associated with each step/ subject in the Volunteer Management arena gave me the starter tools to continue to build upon with maximum effectiveness.”

— Kristina Opre
Volunteer Manager
Environmental Learning for Kids

Traci did a superb job with the volunteer recruitment training for our volunteer driver program forums. She listened to the needs of our group and did a great job customizing the training to fit those needs. I especially liked that she incorporated examples from our group into her presentation, giving it a more personal touch. She is a very good presenter/facilitator and had high energy. In addition, she was very easy to work with.”

— Angela Schreffler
Executive Director
Denver Regional Mobility And Access Council

I expected new ideas, reality checks, good advice, epiphanies . . . I received all those things and more. It was just wonderful to have an expert right there in my office who I could ask all the many questions I have been saving up for 2 years now.”

— Sue Black
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Kavod Senior Life

Traci, you were very easy to work with and your deliverables were very comprehensive and useful. The amount of work PAVE actually had to do was minimal compared to the great output.”

— Mike Johnson
Executive Director
Project PAVE (Promoting Alternatives to Violence Through Education)

Traci Lato offers a full spectrum of volunteer management resources. Through her extensive experience, Traci has developed a keen understanding of what motivates volunteers and how organizations can utilize volunteers most effectively. She uses this knowledge to help organizations design and implement volunteer programs that improve their capacity and productivity and provide a fulfilling and satisfying experience for volunteers. With volunteer management training for all staff members, clear strategies to prepare for volunteer projects, a range of volunteer appreciation ideas for every budget, and tools to gather feedback to inform continual improvements, Traci empowers organizations to operate efficient, successful volunteer programs. The investment in Traci’s services certainly pays dividends!”

— Louise Myrland
Director of Scholarship and Evaluation
Denver Scholarship Foundation

I have had the pleasure of working as a volunteer in a program that was organized and managed by Traci Lato. It was apparent from the start that the volunteer program was extremely well run and organized. The orientation explained everything very clearly, answered all of my questions, and provided me with all of the documentation I needed. Traci’s passion for her work, the community she is helping and her volunteers is evident every time you speak with her. She made working as a volunteer very easy and enjoyable by being responsive, organized and committed to the cause. It was also very evident that the groups who benefited from her programs thought extremely highly of her and her work.”

— Bryan Lewis
St. Louis NORC

Traci is easily the most professional, knowledgeable and passionate volunteer manager with whom I have worked in more than 12 years of non-profit management. Her skill in volunteer recruitment and management is evident in every aspect of her work. One year ago DSF did not have a volunteer program. Now we have an application and orientation process, training modules, job descriptions, recruitment strategies, evaluations and the foundations for a volunteer appreciation program. Each component of the program was well-thought out and researched before implementation. Most importantly, we have more than 75 volunteers who have increased the capacity and efficiency of our organization.”

— Rana Tarkenton
Director of Student Services
Denver Scholarship Foundation

My involvement with Traci allowed me to see her excellent organizational, communication and problem solving skills as she organized and implemented a new volunteer program for the NORC community.  This entailed writing a comprehensive training manual, planning outreach activities to businesses, organizations and schools, and raising awareness of the rewards and benefits of being a volunteer for the NORC community.  She applied her energy, ideas and dynamic personality to grow the Home Repair/Computer Volunteer program to greater numbers than thought possible.”

— Jacki Newfield
Community Outreach Supervisor
St. Louis NORC